Biomass is the largest actively and passively used renewable energy source in Nigeria. The country is very rich in biomass resources such as forage grasses and shrubs, wood, forest wastes, municipal and industrial wastes, agricultural waste and aquatic biomass.

Nigeria’s biomass is estimated to contain 8 x 102 MJ with 80 million m3 worth of firewood used annually for cooking and other domestic purposes. About 6 x 108 MJ is produced from firewood. Currently, 2.18 x 106 MJ of energy can be obtained from dry biomass such as forage grasses and shrubs.

Tardigrade is using wood gasification technological systems to deliver 24-hour electricity to residents in biomass rich zones in Nigeria.

Solar energy is one of the greatest asset with respect to the development in sub Saharan Africa. Nigeria’s geographical location (in the equatorial region) has a fair spread with the northern part having a larger share. The average solar radiation value of the country stands at about 19.8 MJ/m2 with a mean sunshine of 6 hours per day. This sunshine hours’ ranges from 9 hours in the far north to 3.5 hours in the coastal region according to reports.

Tardigrade Energy plans to harness this potential using the technologies from Tier one global manufacturers. Our systems come with remote monitoring systems for customers to monitor their energy usage.




Supplied by Hydro power

To date, Hydro energy is the only renewable energy currently used commercially for power generation in Nigeria. The two hydropower plants currently operating, (which are Shiroro and Kainji/Jebba plants) produce 13% of the country’s power. Hydropower is a major source of electricity generation in Nigeria, and can play a larger role in the generation and supply of electricity.

By tapping the boundless opportunities in constructing small hydro power (SHP), Nigeria can harness its large waterfalls, rivers and dams. The hydropower potential in Nigeria is appreciable with an excess exploitable capacity of 18,600 MW.

Tardigrade Energy develops, designs and constructs SHPs in regions of viable potential.

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